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Josera treats

On this page you will find treats fromJosera

Treats for every occasion - whether walking the dog, doing sports or "just because"

I deliberately only sell Josera products because Ifrom I am convinced of the quality.

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Meat Bites Mini - Meat Bites - Meat Chunks

Feed me softly with this snack!Josera Meat Bites are the optimal training snack for dogs. With 90% meat content, they have a lot of flavor, while grain has no place here. 

The “Meatgang” is offered in the varieties Beef, chicken and Turkey

Feel free to come here tooInquiry the prices of the 70g packs.


Josera Loopies

The round for dogs.

Josera Loopies are a tasty in-between snack that furry friends can munch on with a clear conscience.

TheLow-fat recipe is namelygrain-free and was made with tasty sweetspotatoes and tapioca rounded off. 

The round simply becomes a half - the croquette can be cut in half and portioned very easily.

In the PDF's you will find the data sheets for the Loopies, which are offered in bags of 150g.

Price inquiries are welcomehere.


Josera Denties

Brushing your teeth, just much tastier!

With the new onesJosera Denties With chewing sticks, dental care becomes a favorite hobby for your furry friends.

Thanks to cellulose, the chewing sticks ensure playful dental care - their structure supports daily dental care.

Josera Denties is available as Turkey/Apple, Duck/Carrot and Poultry/Blueberry.

The individual bags (with 180g) contain 7 sticks, the large pack contains 13 bags.

Click on PDF for the data sheet  -  Ptravel inquiries welcomehere.


Josera Knuspies

Josera Knuspies made from selected ingredients and with a low fat content are the optimal reward for the well-behaved four-legged friend. The small balls are not only particularly crunchy and provide the right bite - they are also particularly digestible and tasty. Whether for a walk, at the dog park or just in between, thanks to its practical size, the treat can be used anywhere.The Josera Knuspies have received the DLG product certificate “Excellent”. This seal guarantees controlled production, the analytically flawless quality of the end product and a high level of sensory acceptance. The manufacturing process was certified on site in our production facility according to DLG's own quality standard.

  • Manufactured in Germany - quality controlled by the in-house laboratory.

  • Using high-quality, non-GMO ingredients.

  • Without added artificial colors, flavors and preservatives.

  • No animal testing for pet food or pet food.

  • Without added wheat, soy, sugar and dairy products.

  • 100% climate-neutral products

Josera Knuspies are offered in 150g, 900g and 5x900g

Click on PDF for the data sheet  -  Ptravel inquiries welcomehere


Josera Meat Bars

Get to the sausage!

TheJosera Meat Bars are many things, but certainly not boring - here 90% meat ensures maximum taste.

The sausage-shaped snack is gently dried and juicy and delicious. and of course it doesn't contain any grain at all.

Vitamins E and L-carnitine support active dogs - every day.

Everything has an end, the enjoyment ofJosEra Meat Bars has none.

Josera Meat Bars weigh 40g and is available in beef, turkey and chicken flavors

Click on PDF for the data sheet  -  Ptravel inquiries welcomehere

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