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I have been a working dog athlete with heart and soul for many years - whether SCHH, VPG, IPO or IGP,

the sport remains the same:

  • Tracking work

  • Subordination

  • Protection service

At theTracking work The dog must follow a set track after a set period of time and indicate objects that are placed on it.

Subordination means, among other things, walking, sitting, down, standing, retrieving on flat ground, with a jump over it

1 m wall and an approx. 1.8 m sloping wall.

In theProtection serviceObedience and prey instinct are the order of the day. "Reserve" around hiding places until you find the security guard, stop him and prevent escapes. Here the dogs bite into a protective arm that they see as pure prey. When the command “off” is given, the dog must immediately release its grip and guard the helper.

Pictures from the left (please click to enlarge):

Cosmo Hradny Sklep at a tracking seminar.

Donna from Devil's Gate at the German Rottweiler Championship.

Eros from the rascals on protection duty during a previous FCI sighting.

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