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pension - if you want or need to travel without your dog

I know this from my own experience

Do you want to fly on vacation, on a business trip or maybe even have to go to the hospital and can't take your loved one with you for a variety of reasons?

I would be happy to take your dog into my boarding house. Well accommodated, very personal with a family connection and integrated with our other guests, he/she will have a good time and will certainly not miss anything. Up to a certain size, our dogs are in the apartment with us, can go into the large garden under supervision and go on regular walks with me or my wife Renate. Feeding is of course based on your wishes - we usually feed twice a day.

I would like some pictures of our guesthouse guests

Do you go to work, have to go to the doctor or have other obligations? Simply bring your loved one over and we will be happy to look after him/her. Your dog is usually housed in our apartment together with other dogs. It goes without saying that we only take “friendly” dogs into care. In exceptional cases we keep the dogs separated. On our large plot (approx. 1,000 m²) there is plenty of exercise in addition to the walks.

day care
if it is necessary

Walks  -  if there is no time

If you don't have the time or are indispensable or even sick, I would be happy to go with your dogWalk the dog. One-time, now and then or regularly - just talk to me.

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